Michelle Hoffmann

Hello, Hello, and again, Hello… :)

My name is Michelle Hoffmann. I am a passionate digital artist looking to leave my mark on the world. The art I create is unique and original — like me!

My art career started late in life. With a family to raise, it was…

How would you like your very own, unique piece of artwork? One that NO ONE else has? Or ever WILL have?

Well, now you can have that piece of artwork! Commission me and I will create a piece solely for YOU! All I need to know is what colours to…

While browsing the New Age section of your favorite bookstore, you have probably run across some exotic-sounding terms such as “chakra”, “prana”, “aura”, and “tantra”. These are terms that you would find in books dealing with energy healing.

Let’s compare the different types of energy healing:

PRANIC: The word ‘Chakra’ or ‘energy center’ is used in an ancient Hindu system of energy healing called Pranic healing. “Prana” means life energy. So, Pranic healing is the healing of life energy. Another term used in Pranic healing is “Aura” An…

That’s right… our governments, who claim to be looking out for us, are trying to kill us! “Huh?” You ask. “What do you mean, Michelle? How can you say this?”

It’s very easy. Just look around you. Go into any establishment — be it a store, casino, restaurant, church; whatever……

Michelle Hoffmann

I'm just a small town girl, livin' in a lonely world... waiting for my train to arrive.

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